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Acer Customer Service

Acer as we all know is the most famous brand in laptops and computers available in the market. Now a days the demand for Acer laptops have increased and its users have also increased as well. Acer laptops have also increased its features and with every new model its functions, features and services gets improved and increased.

But on the other hand there are times when the Acer users faces several and different types of technical as well as non technical issues. To solve the issues the users can follow the troubleshooting steps or they can just contact the Acer Customer Service and can seek help and support from the customer service representatives.

Some of the issues and its solutions are!

1. Acer laptop boot issues:

  • Firstly, the users need to hold and press the power button to shut down the laptop.

  • Then again press and hold the power button to turn it on.

  • As the users will see the rotating loading circle press the power button again to close the laptop.

  • This process should be repeated till the screen will display the preparing automatic repair option.

  • The laptop should boot with the Automatic Repair screen.

  • Select on advanced options.

  • Then click on troubleshoot option.

  • The users then need to click on refresh your laptop or reset your laptop according to their will.

  • Then just go though the instructions to complete the process.

Acer Phone Number

If the users faces any issues in these steps then they can make a call on the Acer Phone Number and can discuss it with the representatives. The representatives on the phone lines are available 24/7.

2. Acer laptop hang issues:

There are times when the laptops of Acer hangs and doesn’t work properly. So to solve this the only thing that the users need to do is press ctrl+shift+Esc button simultaneously and the problem will be fixed.


Acer Customer Support Phone Number

Besides the Acer Customer Support Phone Number is also available for the users so that they can make a call on it and can get the best solutions for every issues.


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