How to use gmail smtp server for sending mail

If anyone has a gmail account then to send the emails they can use Gmail’s SMTP server. It is a free SMTP service which you can use with your personal emails, or with your website to sending your emails. You can search or back-up the emails you sent via SPTP server. Their is a limit set to amount of mails a user can send via SMTP server. SMTP protocol is not same for every email provider, so you need to up SMTP for the Gmail.

Process to use gmail smtp server to save your sent mails

You will need the following settings for your outgoing emails to use the Gmail’s Smtp server. You need to authenticate yourself to use Google’s SMTP server by providing the following information:

  • First of all set SMTP server : smtp.gmail.com for outging mails.

  • Now enter your full gmail address or Google apps email address in front of SMTP username

  • After that enter your gmail or google apps password in the SMTP password field.

  • Now set SMTP port to 465.

  • if you want to save a copy of the outgoing emails in your Gmail or Google apps sent folder then set yes to SMTP TLS/SSL required.

  • Now you have to log into your Gmail or Google Apps email Settings and then Click on the Forwarding/IMAP tab.

  • Now you need to scroll down to the IMAP Access section.

  • You must be enable your IMAP to copy your emails properly in your sent folder.

How to use Gmail smtp server for sending mail in php

You can also set SMTP server by using PHP and Java language. You can find answers of question like how to use gmail smtp server for sending mail in php on our customer support website.

How to use Gmail smtp server for sending mail in Java

You must need to strong in programming to set Gmail SMTP server in java or you can take help from various tutorials which are available on internet. You can search infromation by entering the how to use gmail smtp server for sending mail in java in search block then you will get required information.