How to recover Google drive deleted file?

Google drive is a place where user can store his important files and photos and videos and also can directly share to another person. To share the file, user needs to provide the permissions. Then only other person can access the files. User can access his drive from anywhere and through any system. Google drive can be accessed through cloud too. User just have to login with correct user id and password.

Many time accidentally, files may get deleted from the drive. Though, user should not delete any file before checking it properly, even if it gets deleted, there is a way to recover that file. Here it is shown, how to recover google drive deleted file.

  1. From the left panel of google drive, click on Trash.
  2. Trash, is a folder, where deleted files remain for 30 days. After 30 days, they deleted permanently.
  3. So, go to the Trash folder and right click on the file which you want to recover.
  4. From the menu appeared, click on Restore.
  5. The file will get back to the drive.

Any file once deleted from the Google, goes to trash folder. From there one can recover it. Trash folder is different for different applications. Like for Inbox, the trash folder will be different and for drive it is different. The deleted files will be deleted permanently after 30 days. For any help or guidance, do contact with the experts at Google Technical Support team. User can contact through either email or by calling at the telephone. The service is 24/7 available.