How to enable Sprint billing on Google play?

Sprint billing is the payment mode through which users and subscribers can pay their monthly wireless bill for their apps and games. However they can also purchase movies, e-books, and music and can add it to their next statement. It is extremely useful for those users who don't use credit card frequently or those who don't want to get involve in risk incurring interest rates. So Google as of late extended the Play storefront’s carrier billing capabilities, reporting comparative content billing associations with T-Mobile USA and a couple of global suppliers.

Following are steps for how to enable Sprint billing on Google play-

1. User need a registered Android Market account is required to access and buy from Google's Android Market.

2. Now select Power Off to turn the phone off, remove and replace the battery, now turn the phone back on

3. At this point user need to check and update software and then accordingly attempt to download the content from the phone.

4. In case your content purchase is blocked then you need to log into sprint.com using following steps-

  • Go to My Sprint 
  • Then My Preferences 
  • At this point check Limits and Permissions 
  • Now click on block apps and digital media downloads.
  • In case user can go for billing through Credit Card or Bill to Sprint.
  • The first step is to accept Google TOS 
  • Now select product
  • Next click on buy
  • After clicking OK to App Permissions, presented with Google Checkout page.
  • Now click on "Select Payment Method" 
  • Then select "Bill my Sprint Account".
  • Presented with Address and Sprint TOS.
  • At last select payment with Sprint billing 

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